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This will be a facilitated drum circle for anyone who is interested in trying out a drum circle but may not have their own drum, as well as for experienced drummers and percussionists who have their own instruments. Drums will be available on a first come, first served basis, an no experience is necessary. Rufus will be teaching a brief introduction to hand drumming, and will teach participants a few rhythms and a great technique for remembering them. Rufus will also show people how to improvise in a safe environment so we can explore our creativity with some free jamming. We will also play a variety of rhythm games to keep things fun and moving along. Please bring a chair if you have one, or a cushion to sit more comfortably. PLEASE NOTE: Location will be the small outdoor hockey rink at Palmerston Ave. Jr. PS, which can be easily accessed from Euclid Ave. It's just to the north of the old school building, and just south of the baseball diamond.

Rufus Glassco is a multi-lingual drum circle facilitator, a singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumental percussionist. He and his family have lived in Seaton Village since 2003. He loves bringing the joy of recreational music making, and the healing power of drums, to a large variety of groups, and people of all ages and abilities.

He facilitates “Rhythm & Resiliency” leadership programs that enhance team effectiveness, resiliency and communication skills. He also leads a lot of HealtthRHYTHMS workshops which are proven to significantly lower stress, improve immune function, and help lower burnout rates & HR costs. Rufus has also recently been trained in the Drumbeat program, which to help youth-at-risk, adults and young offenders who are incarcerated, and people dealing with mental health and addiction issues. Like HealthRHYTHMS, the Drumbeat program is an evidence-based protocol supported by many peer-reviewed research studies that have been published in leading professional and medical journals.

He passionately believes that everyone has rhythm and loves to have fun, and not only is hand drumming easy to learn in a group setting, it allows people to create something greater than they could do on their own. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with your classmates, your family, your friends, your team members and your community!

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Saturday, June 11

17:00 EDT