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Isabel and the Uncommons

“If you came for the voice and the heartbreak, Isabel delivers the goods with an uncommon authenticity” Cashbox Magazine Canada. Isabel and the Uncommons merges country, folk, jazz and pop styles in carefree yet always convincing fashion. Songs from the heart on musing on life and love, lost, broken or expired. Her band 'the Uncommons' are uncommonly good, featuring the masterful Tony Quarrington on guitar, the incredible and versatile vocalist Rebecca Campbell, and rockn out John Switzer on bass. This year she was winner of New Market Songwriting contest for her song Something Sarcred from her dubut album, Hearts and Arrows. Despite the heartbreak, many of her songs have tunes that make you ears perk up with a happiness in the beat and infectious melodies. “Any of those 1960’s country pop singers could have had a major hit with this. Isabel? Absolutely. She nails it and she owns the hammer” John Apice,No Depression. Come hear Isabel and the Uncommons on June 11, at Open Tuning Festival. Starting 2pm at Venue 13 The Stables (just right off of Palmerston Ave before Follis Ave near Vermont Park)